GPU Technology Conference Washington D.C.

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is the world’s premier conference on artificial intelligence. Join us in Washington D.C., from 22-24 October to discover hundreds of sessions, world-class demos, and hands-on training […]


WORLD'S #1 BOT CONFERENCE Chatbots | Voice Assistants | Messaging | WhatsApp | RCS | Customer Experience Innovation | Customer Service Automation | Natural Language Processing | Conversational A.I. With […]

Voice Over AI Hackathon 2018

Create the future today! Conversational design is becoming more and more popular as tech giants are creating voice based AI. The focus of this hackathon is to to connect innovation […]

The 6th Annual Smart Mobility Summit 2018

The time is ripe for a revolution in transportation, for a world free of oil, populated by clean, accessible and efficient means of transportation. Join us at the 6th Annual […]

JAMstack_conf 2018

There’s a revolution happening. Can you feel it? Static site generators, serverless architectures, and powerful APIs are giving front-end teams fullstack capabilities — without the pain of owning infrastructure. It’s […]

Innov8 Work 2018

Innov8 Work • Conference on The Future of Work Are you ready for the future of work? We are happy to invite you to Innov8 Work – Israel’s first of […]

Opening a year with the CEO of Microsoft Israel

The Entrepreneurship Center, The Computer Science Department, and ASAT open a year with the CEO of Microsoft Israel. Assaf Rapaport, a Technion graduate, is the youngest CEO in the history […]

WORKSHOP – Practical tools in AI technology

Let's be the new brain of your business Practical tools in AI technology 2 days workshop In recent years there has been tremendous progress in artificial intelligence and machine learning […]

Print Screen Festival 2018

Just as the PrintScreen function captures a screenshot of your computer, the festival captures a contemporary screenshot of life in the epoch of new media. We live in an age […]

Hortonworks Big Data Innovations – Big Results

Matrix and Harel Insurance host Hortonworks company for the conference - Big Data Innovations - Big Results. Technological revolutions in the Big Data world with an emphasis on the financial […]

ARTECH’s Hackathon • DATA & ART 2018

The Government ICT Authority invites you and you to participate in ARTECH's Hackathon, a data competition and innovative and unique art. In the framework of the competition, the Authority will […]