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ARTECH’s Hackathon • DATA & ART 2018

November 1, 2018 @ 13:00 - November 2, 2018 @ 12:30 UTC+2

The Government ICT Authority invites you and you to participate in ARTECH’s Hackathon, a data competition and innovative and unique art.

In the framework of the competition, the Authority will encourage the use of open government information to create works of art in a variety of media, such as exhibits, visual art, online art, digital art and graphic arts, in order to create new connections between information, art and technology and demonstrate the social and cultural value of open government.

The works participating in the competition will be submitted to a judging committee composed of coaches, public representatives and government officials. At the end of the event prizes will be awarded for outstanding works, which will be presented at a special exhibition.

The prizes for the top three are:
First place ― 30k NIS
Second place ― 20k NIS
Third place ― 10k NIS

The exposure event will take place on 14.10.2018, Sunday, between the hours of 17:00-20:00.

The Hackaton event will take place from 1.11.2018, Thursday, at 13:00, to the following day, Friday, 2.11.2018 at 12:30.

The culmination of the process will be the “Open Government” event to be held on 22.11.2018, Thursday, from 15:00 to 20:00.

The events will be held in cooperation with the New Spirit organization at Beit Alliance, 5 Ki’akh St, Jerusalem, Israel.

The event will include a festive exhibition with the participation of senior government officials and MKs, during which the exhibition will open and the winning works will be announced.

Please note that participation in the competition is conditional upon participation in the event and the closing event of “Open Government”.

Questions and Answers

What is Artech anyway?
ARTECH is a state-of-the-art competitive venture run by the Government’s ICT Authority, which aims to connect new audiences to government work and to create a new connection between information, technology and art as part of an “open government” concept that promotes open information and public participation.

What will we do during the competition?
In the framework of the project, teams of artists, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and data science specialists will be invited to use public information found on data.gov.il as “raw material” for the creation of works of art based on traditional or digital media, including online and interactive exhibits. During the project, the 24-hour Hackathon will be created to create the works, and at the end the three outstanding works will be chosen and their producers will receive monetary prizes.

What awards are you receiving?
All the works that will reach the final stage of the competition will be presented at the festive closing exhibition in the presence of senior government officials and Knesset members. The winners of the first three prizes will receive prizes:
First place: 30k NIS
Second place: 20k NIS
Third place: 10k NIS

What is the exposure event and when does it happen?
On October 14, 2008, the Kick-off event will be open to the public. The event is designed to expose the competition to participants and interested parties. During the exposure event, participants will be able to present their ideas in a short “Pitz”, in order to connect with other participants from different fields and create work groups. For example, an artist can join a developer, an entrepreneur can join an artist and a Data scientist can join a designer.

How long can I apply?
Registration for the contest itself will open after the exposure event, on October 14, 18, and will continue until Thursday, 18.10.18 at 23:59. Registration is conditional upon participation in the exposure event.

Can I join someone who has not registered? Is it possible to regroup?
In order for us to help you advance to the later stages of the competition and establish teams, participating in the competition itself is contingent upon the presence of the exposure event. You will then be able to sign up only to attendees. During the exposure event we will help you find teams and partners. Teams will then be exchanged and dismantled by the closing date of the Hackathon competition on 30.10.2018.

How many participants are admitted to the competition?
The 20 best job offers selected by the Governmental ICT Authority’s examination committee will be accepted into the incubation stage of the competition according to the criteria specified in the articles of association.

What is planned for the Hackathon event?
Teams that will register for the Hackathon event will be invited to 24 hours of creative experience, during which they will complete the submissions they submitted to the competition for presentation at the final exhibition. We will take care of food, rest areas and a comic break.

What information can I use?
For the creation of the works it is permitted to use any information published to the public, which the terms of its license permit. However, at least one of the government databases used in data.gov.il must be used, which will be expressed in the work significantly.

What equipment should I bring to the Hackathon?
The equipment it takes depends on you and the platform and style you choose to use. We will provide you with a work space where you can bring all your personal equipment to work on the works. In addition, by the time of the Hackathon event you can ask us for assistance in purchasing materials, accessories and equipment for the creation and presentation of the works, and we will endeavor to provide them for you (see Section 5.b of the Competition Regulations). Requests for equipment assistance should be addressed in writing to Reagan, the contest coordinator, at reut@cio.gov.il.

Is it obligatory to stay in the compound for the entire duration of the event? Is it possible to rest during the competition and where?
During the entire 24 hour Hackathon event you will be asked to stay in the complex, but you can rest and refresh throughout the rest areas specially prepared for that.

Is there parking in the area and how can you reach by public transport?
Paid parking is available at the Clal Building Parking Lot, 2 Kiach Street, Jerusalem. You can reach by light rail and get off at the Davidka station, or arrive via the following buses: 18, 32, 66, 66A, 74, 75, 78, 78A.

Does participation in the competition cost money?
Participation in the competition is free and free of charge.

And most important: what should be eaten at Hackathon?
We will provide the participants with dinner and breakfast, light and warm drinks and refreshments, for the duration of the competition.

More info

Regulations, procedures and rights

  • Participation in the competition requires attendance at the exposure event on 14.10.2018 and the closing event of “Open Government” on 22.11.2018.
  • At the registration stage, the participants will be asked to provide details about the work they intend to submit and the information used to create it. After the registration is closed, the Competition Judging Committee shall convene and determine the immigrants to the competition stage from the applicants.
  • A professional panel of judges will select the winners of the competition.
  • The copyright of the Participating Works shall be the sole property of their creators. The Authority may publish, photocopy or display them in any media, at its discretion and by giving credit to the creators.

For more details, please visit the full rules appearing on the website.

Information on the databases at data.gov.il:
data.gov.il is the government databases website, managed by the Government ICT Authority. The site is a database center for all government ministries that are open to public use, and enables searching of data easily and efficiently.

The site presents the government databases on an open source portal, on the CKAN infrastructure, the world’s leading technology. Users of the site are given free hand to develop applications and systems based on the information published through the API consumption, and any updates to the databases on the site are also automatically updated in applications based on it.

Today you can find databases on housing, transportation, weather, the state budget, the environment, and more.

When? 01-02/11/18
Where? Clal Building Parking Lot
2 Ki’akh St., Jerusalem.

REG>> ARTECH’s Hackathon 2018 – Registration
The Government ICT Authority’s facebook page


November 1, 2018 @ 13:00 UTC+2
November 2, 2018 @ 12:30 UTC+2
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