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The story began during the military period, when I volunteered to serve in the Givati ​​unit in the Shaked Battalion in the IDF, but towards the end of the military service, on 12/05/2004, during an operational activity in the Philadelphi route, I sustained a serious injury that accompanies me to this day. After a long rehabilitation period that included many physical therapy treatments, I enrolled in design studies at one of the best colleges in Israel, Thilten College in Haifa. I graduated with honors, won awards, started a small business and started working as an independent. Today I am a design engineer and graphic designer in my professional training and I am a research scientist at a private and independent research institute I set up. I completed applied mathematics and computer science studies in an autodidactic way from the Technion and even participated in various theoretical and practical workshops at leading universities in Israel: Hebrew University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University and Weizmann Institute of Science. During my work, as an independent, I was exposed to a variety of problems that many of my clients have encountered, so I thought of starting a professional blog that would concentrate on all the latest and most useful information to provide added value and great solution to all my clients and colleagues.
The codesign phrase consists of two connected words: code + sign. The idea in choosing this name comes from the combination of the designer's mission, his role in the general and technological industries, and the technological world, which is largely based on code writing. Our business approach is based on sharing, trust and empathy. In order to accurately understand the business needs and do the job in the most professional way, it is necessary to mark a high presence in the field, to mark goals and milestones, ie 'sign'. With this unique approach, we are able to optimally adapt a variety of technology solutions to all types of problems, including generating data-based insights that help make business decisions in organizations. Therefore, this is the main reason for choosing the name 'codesign' because our work process indicates our presence, that we have provided quality and professional service to customer satisfaction. This unique combination is copyrighted because of the originality and meaning of the name.
I got the inspiration from the man who changed the world and made it a better place for us, the designer №1, co-founder of Apple, NeXT and Pixar, which is Mr. Steve Jobs. I got the passion and love of being a research scientist during my teenage years from the three giants of science: Archimedes, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton.
We receive professional guest articles in a variety of areas relevant to the topics covered by the blog. The articles must be of a high professional standard and must be submitted for comprehensive review by the Quality Assurance Department. If the article is approved for publication, the fee for the article (s) must be negotiated within a period of up to two weeks from the date of approval of the position.
First of all it's wonderful and good luck, we would be happy to assist in the early stages, but first and foremost it is important to be experts in the field where you want to start your blog.
Our team of writers is among the leading professionals in the general and technological industries, including key members of leading international companies, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and more.
AI & Big Data via Design Driven Our added value is adapting and implementing to development of Artificial Intelligence systems (AI) based Human-Computer-Interface (HCI), tailored to the Human-Centered-Design (HCD) through solving difficult and challenging problems, in a creative and innovative way in order to creates a shared culture and a better future for all of us.
The site is open to all technology people (wide-scale of database of a variety of high-tech professions, including design, development and data science) and you can find and enjoy here from a variety of relevant articles in the fields of technology from the branches of science and art. On our platform you will find up-to-date and interesting news, conferences and events over the world, practical and innovative tools, experiments, useful links, social projects and above all a warm home with a warm and loving community.
The principal founder is Avraham David Sherwood. Mr Sherwood is a design engineer and graphic designer in his professional training, from Tiltan College. Sherwood completed his studies in applied mathematics and computer science in an autodidactic way from the Technion, and even participated in various theoretical and practical workshops at leading universities in Israel: Hebrew University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University and Weizmann Institute of Science. Today Sherwood is a researcher scientist at a private and independent research institute he founded.
The tech community is constantly busy all the time, deeply in R&D, in the race for the next innovation, for the new breakthrough technological's startup. The statistics say that the vast majority of startups close, workers go home and have to look for a new job. This results in a high turnover rate, which makes it very difficult for the recruitment process and especially for their vocational training, because the employers sometimes have to compromise and in this way it is difficult to maintain a high professional level. For a long time I was looking for a place that brings together in one place all the information needed in the high-tech industry and comprehensively, but unfortunately I have not found and so I decided to set up this platform for the benefit of members of the scientific and technological community.
Yes, all information posted on the site is protected by copyright law. No complete or partial sections may be copied or published without the express written permission of the site owner and/or anyone on his behalf.
You will soon be able to purchase a regular or VIP subscription, with a regular subscription giving you free access to all information on the blog and a VIP subscription giving discounts on professional days and conferences, discounts on our magazine purchase and more. In the meantime, we recommend signing up as a guest and keeping abreast of changes. Registration is free.