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The new technology giant campus, The Apple Inc. Park, is 700 acres and is one of the world’s most energy-efficient buildings. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., is the man who envisioned the place as a center for creativity and international collaboration, turning thousands of miles of asphalt in the heart of the Santa-Clara Valley into a green area. The new 260,000 square-foot campus building is covered with rounded glass panels, the largest of its kind in the world, named after Jobs, the theater hall, and it is important to note that the huge cinema hall with 1,000 seats in the complex is named after him and helped In the design of the complex before his death in 2011, when the compound itself was built in a way reminiscent of a spaceship.


A legacy of innovation for the benefit of future generations

In order to honor and preserve Steve Jobs’ memory and legacy and to mark his lasting impact on society and the world, the theater that will operate in the Apple Park area will be named after him. The theater hall is about 1,000 seats and is built like a glass roll and is situated on a hilltop, which is one of the highest points in the park, overlooking the meadows and the main building.

Apple‘s vision for Apple has gone beyond its time and preceded it, meaning Apple Park will be the home of innovation for generations to come,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. “The workspaces and park areas are designed to inspire and inspire teams. In favor of the environment. We have achieved one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world and the campus will only operate on renewable energy.”


Renewable energy and natural ventilation

The park will also include a visitors’ center with an Apple Store, an open-air coffee shop, Apple‘s fitness center, secure research and development facilities and the Steve Jobs Theater. In the park there are tracks of about 3.3 km that are designed for workers who wish to practice walking and running, and there is also an orchard, meadow and a pool located within the inner ring of the park.

The Apple Park, designed in partnership with Foster + Partners, is 100% powered by renewable energy, and thanks to the solar roof of the main building, which produces 17 megawatts of electricity, Apple Park will operate one of the world’s largest solar energy facilities. It is also the largest building in the world which has natural ventilation, which according to design will not require heating or air conditioning for at least nine months a year.


The construction cost of $5bn

The cost of building the complex is estimated at $5bn and covers 710,000 sq.m. of which 260,000 sq.m. The complex was designed and built with attention to the smallest details, such as hidden pipes and cables, design of unique items that will be exclusive to the complex and use of environmentally friendly materials.

The cost of the building at the beginning was planned to $3 bn, but during construction there was an excess of 2bn$.


Credits: Apple Apple Inc.

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