Eden Helena Queen of Sheba

A rising star from Ethiopia
Eden Helena is only 17 years old and already has a huge voice, charismatic charisma and an occupying personality, but despite everything she does not have a Facebook account and her index page shuffles.

This was the first episode of X-Factor Israel, which won a perfect televised moment. Beyond the other talented singers, including the pair of Indians who came to make happy karaoke in the studio, the chapter was signed in the amazing and perfect performance of Eden Helena from Jerusalem. Eden, the daughter of a single mother, performed the hard-hitting vocals of Demi Lovato in a precise way and carved the stage.

Despite the fact that at first Judge Shiri Maimon was somewhat skeptical about the performance mainly because of the heights Eden had to reach, the young singer stunned the judges, the audience and the viewers at home who were moved by the vocal powers of her voice. After this audition, Eden left a high bar for the other contestants.

Eden Helena, made of the material from which Winners were winked. She is a sweet and beautiful girl who loves and cherishes her mother and Sarah is perfect both in low and high. She is subversive and before going up to the stage she prayed to the god of the spaghetti monster as the last of the atheists and testified that if it were not for incest she would carry her mother to a woman.

At the end of her performance of Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold song, Ivri Lider appeared on the judges’ table to applaud her. Especially her mother, who despite all the attempts at dubbing Bar Refaeli, she was busy getting excited about the performance of her daughter Eden.

Judge Moshe Peretz: “I’m sure Simon Cowell sees this and I’m not inclined to say to candidate who sang the first audition here, but you’re made up perfect and you have all the tools, you have the X-factor and you have a huge voice and go dream big far more than a duet with Beyoncé…”

Judge Subliminal (Kobi Shimoni): “I want to say that I had a dream to meet you, you are amazing, from the moment you entered into what you look like, your soul, when you open your mouth you are singing like a superstar singer. That’s why this plan exists, you are an amazing talent, amazing!”


Credits: רשת 13 רשת The X Factor Israel אקס פקטור ישראל

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