To follow her light

“It’s not because of blindness, but in spite of blindness.”
Eden Tahrani was born blind. She lives in Holon and is the eldest of five children. On the advice of her parents, she decided to attend a public school rather than special education, so that she would fit into a regular school like everyone else, that was her goal. Next year she will finish her studies, not before she completes her music studies. “It’s a kind of victory that I manage to integrate,” she says.

Eden participated in the new season of “X Factor” and she was excited by the audition more than any other moment in her life. She went to the audition with a lot of confidence to show that her disability did not make her poor and that she would succeed not because of pity for being blind, but because of her skill and professionalism.

The fact that Eden was born blind did not bother her at any point in her life, even when she realized that what she wanted was to be a singer. Four months ago she appeared with Eliad Nahum, “It’s my big dream and I believe that willpower is what leads me, and nothing else, I will succeed despite blindness and not because of it.”

Eden does not think that blindness is something that should disturb her in life and she notes that this is not an obstacle for her because otherwise she would put an emphasis on it. Her goal is to overcome blindness and therefore did not talk about it too much in the program. What she comes to show is the fact that she is a musician and that she likes to sing and that she feels alive on stage.

“The stage is my life and as soon as I’m there – I ignore everything and that’s what I wanted to show.”

Eden’s greatest dream is to raise awareness for the visually impaired and the blind, and she wants her to grow more in the public discourse. We need to continue raising awareness on the subject and running various projects that can benefit, but it also says that there is no need to make a special day for the blind, and we do not have to make any of us miserable. Eden provides us all with a wonderful insight that when people are more difficult because of some limitation, they receive a different gift and therefore people with disabilities should be treated as equals among equals.

Eden wants to fulfill herself and show the world that everything can be done, because if you really want something, you can always get it. What is needed is just motivation and willpower, and with the help of both these things, it will reach distant places and not because of someone’s pity, but only happens in its own right. Eden stresses that if she did not want it would not have happened. “I will succeed, and not because of pity for being blind.”

Because of the blindness Eden received an exemption from military service, but decided in her own way to donate and volunteer for Holocaust survivors. “I love these people, if my mission is to show that everything is possible if they only want to, their mission was to allow us the state and I do not know what we would do without them. I traveled to Poland to feel what they had gone through, and during the journey I even found love.”


Credits: רשת 13 רשת The X Factor Israel אקס פקטור ישראל עדן טהרני כתיבה, ביצועים ושירה מהלב

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