The Jewish soul is singing

A thanksgiving prayer of Jewish child
This is a exciting video of a child from the Jewish community in Mexico who wishes to say thank you to Israel’s aid delegation. He decides to do so by awarding the National Anthem Hatikva song.

“We brought to Mexico the start-up nation”

In addition to the Home Front Command’s assistance team, workers in Mexico also members of the IAID which was established to provide assistance for disadvantaged populations in developing countries with the israeli technology. “We set up a year ago and our goal is to bring Israeli technologies and inventions to help disadvantaged populations in developing countries, both in disaster and long-term situations, to bring them the start-up nation,” explains IAID founder Shahar Zahavi. “He said that the organization’s operatives are working in coordination with an IDF delegation that is also assisting the area.

In the rescue efforts, local and Israeli forces used imaging systems produced by the Israeli company Camero-Tech, which provide information through walls on objects in real time. The systems enable the presentation and analysis of objects through the walls using radio waves technology.

These systems provide accurate information about the presence of people on the other side of the wall while minimizing the element of surprise, shortening response times and optimizing the timing of the operation and improving command and control to save lives. The systems feel up to 20 meters, can penetrate through several walls, and penetrate a wide variety of walls. They can cross several walls, get a picture of the inner structure of the place, and discover small animal movements of the people trapped inside.

Camero-Tech’s technology provides a tactical advantage by providing vital real-time information about what is going on behind walls. This information enables the reduction of risks in situations of uncertainty and improves the chances of success of the operation.

Camero-Tech was founded in 2004 and has focusing on the development of wall-based imaging systems using ultra-wide band technology and provides its services to military forces, special units, rescue and counter-terrorism. Camero-Tech provides these units with a range of products, from high-performance systems to intelligence, tracking and discovery, to compact products for tactical uses. The company’s products have been sold to more than 20 countries and are in ongoing operational use by law enforcement units and leading military units. Camero-Tech employs approximately 30 people in Israel and operates worldwide through business partners and distributors. The company places special emphasis on the quality of its processes and products and is certified to ISO9001.

Camero-Tech is managed by an experienced team with decades of experience developing and marketing solutions for government and commercial organizations. The Company enjoys constant growth in its sales and strong financial backing of its shareholders and strategic partners.


Credits: פיקוד העורף Shachar Zahavi Eli Regev

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