We brought Shalom Aleichem

The Toraski Band, a Jewish band from Russia, shows on Russian television performing a string of Jewish songs.
The Turetsky Men’s Choir was established at the Moscow Choral Synagogue. The choir made its debut in 1990 with Jewish folkloric liturgical music in the Philharmonic halls of Tallinn and Kaliningrad. Their repertoire has grown since then including opera, spirituality, folk music and pop music in ten different languages. This is a musical innovation that took place throughout Russia and created renewed interest in Jewish heritage, after music that had been in danger of extinction since 1917 and which today is a major component of all the synagogues in Russia has been revived.

“He who spreads the throne of peace upon us, and upon all the people of Israel, and over the Israelites, Amen”.
Jewish pride, happy Sukkot holiday AM ISRAEL!


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