The Problem-Solving Collaboration Between An Interior Designer And Client

By Décor Aid

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The Problem-Solving Collaboration Between An Interior Designer And Client

Because the relationship between an interior designer and a client can be one of the most intimate design collaborations of them all, we’re looking at the elements that make it such a life-enhancing relationship. One so vital, in fact, that it can easily affect your daily well-being and how you feel in the space.

To further illustrate this significant relationship, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers and project managers for a thorough breakdown of what makes this working relationship so beneficial in bringing a home to life with ease.

The Walk Through

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At Décor Aid and many other leading interior design firms, the design process always begins with a complimentary walk through your home to better understand the outcome you are desiring.

Throughout the walkthrough, your interior designer will work to take in your goals, vision, lifestyle, and the space you have to work with.

 They’ll take you through the edit, the possibilities, and the scope of your project while working to better understand your specific budget and needs. This, in turn, will give both parties an initial glimpse of what it will be like working together in the future, plus, you’ll get to see firsthand your interior designer’s appetite and capacity for brilliant interior design.

The Proposal

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After your complimentary in-person walkthrough, your interior designer will begin to craft a detailed and methodical proposal that will cover estimated design fees, furniture and construction service budgets, along with a thorough timeline so you’ll know how much every element, step, and phase your project will cost before it begins. As well as how long everything will take to implement.

From there, you can contemplate and edit what exactly it is you think works for you, and what you think should be cut so you remain under budget. This will also give you a better understanding of the myriad of practical steps it takes to bring a space together thoughtfully, so you’ll get the most for your money.

Keep in mind that it is always best to work with an accomplished interior designer who won’t dictate their tastes upon you. Instead, you should seek to work with a decorator who will always make your needs and tastes the definitive reasoning behind each phase and element of your project.

The Layout

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Together with your interior designer, you’ll also address the traffic flow and layouts of every room you’ll be collaborating on together.

From which areas get the most volume of traffic to which spots could use a complete overhaul to make the best use of the space, this is your opportunity to address what hasn’t worked in the past so you can confidently remedy those issues.

And lucky for you, any well-trained interior designer will come ready with a complete understanding of spatial issues that no novice interior designer will understand, or know how to use to their advantage for a better outcome.


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We often like to think of the interior design process as an unforgettable learning experience as we go about decorating our client’s homes as more often than not, most of our clients don’t understand the importance of paying attention to scale.

Working alongside your interior designer, you’ll get to take in their approach to playing with various scale to make a home feel both lived-in and beautifully designed.

Just take note of how the room above plays with various scales harmoniously while inspiring the eye to keep moving about, rather than be focused on a single design element.


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Another collaborative aspect you’ll glean design know-how from is the phase where lighting solutions are taken into account.

Collaborating with a professional interior designer is certain to prove that you won’t require a lighting specialist as a talented decorator will instinctively know how to make the best use of natural daylight, and how to create a brilliantly realized lighting scheme boasting layers of light for a warm and inviting feel.


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In any modern home, smart storage solutions are essential, yet hard to get right. We suggest, again, working side by side with your interior designer so you can front storage issues together.

Let them know exactly what you need and what hasn’t worked in the past so they’ll be able to correct those issues while bringing in innovative new approaches.

What They’ll Take Care Of On Their Own:

  • Scheduling- Your interior designer along with your project manager will handle every aspect of your project on your behalf, including scheduling. This way they’ll know the best times to bring in construction specialists and contractors while keeping the tasks at hand fuss-free.
  • Shopping Deliveries- Your project manager and interior designer should also be responsible for all incoming deliveries so you can rest at ease not having to worry about scheduling conflicts and the ilk.
  • Budget Oversight- Your interior designer will also work alongside you to ensure that everything remains within your budget and should let you know anytime the potential for a costly element of the design process arises.