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What is the Code Hour?

Code Hour is a global event that allows every student to experience one hour of programming and writing code and learn about the high-tech world and technological innovation in a fun and fun way. Since the first Code Hour event five years ago, more than 100 million students from around the world have participated in the event and have been exposed to the unlimited possibilities offered by technology.

We invite you to join the events of the Code Hour that will be held in Israel during November and allow every child in Israel and abroad to learn to program and create using technology.

25-29/11/18 • Events throughout Israel

Code Hour - The main event

An evening of short lectures by Israeli entrepreneurs to discuss "How does technology change all aspects of our lives?"

Join 100 million people from 180 countries around the world for an hour of writing code!

When? 27/11/18
Where?  Wix Hub for Small Businesses
4 Yosef Yekutieli, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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