Live Webinar Exit Strategy COVID19

On Exit Strategy from Covid-19 Lockdown

Can we Contain Covid-19 without Locking-down the Economy?

Live Webinar with Prof. Amnon Shashua & Prof. Shai Shalev-Shwartz from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Topic: Can we Contain Covid-19 without Locking-down the Economy?
Date: 31/03/2020 13:00 EST (20:30 IST)
Assesses the safety of dividing the population into high- and low-risk to achieve herd immunity. Can the health system can support this? Info for the decision makers of the world.
Can we Contain Covid-19 without Locking-down the Economy?
The authors wish to thank the faculty members of the computer science department of the Hebrew University, as well as to Prof. Peter Bartlett, Prof. Nir Friedman, Prof. Katrina Ligett, Prof. Nati Srebro, Prof. Herve Bercovier, and Dr. Renana Eitan for comments and feedback on earlier drafts of this paper.
In this article, we present an analysis of a risk-based selective quarantine model where the population is divided into low and high-risk groups. The high-risk group is quarantined until the low-risk group achieves herd-immunity. We tackle the question of whether this model is safe, in the sense that the health system can contain the number of low-risk people that require severe ICU care (such as life support systems).
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