All presentations from the CVPRi event TLV19

  1. Oren Dovrat, Senior Algorithm Developer, The reaserch was done at TAU (currenly works at SAIPS), “Learning to Sample“.

2. Ehud Barnea, Computer Vision Algorithm Researcher, Trax, “Exploring the Bounds of the Utility of Context for Object Detection“.

3. Oshri Halimi, Technion PhD student, “Unsupervised Learning of Dense Shape Correspondence“.

4. Yuval Atzmon, PhD student, Bar Ilan/ NVIDIA, “Adaptive Confidence Smoothing for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning“.

5. Amit Alfassy, IBM and Technion, “”Label-Set Operations networks for multi-label few-shot learning“.

6. Idan Schwartz, “Factor Graph Attention“.

7. Shir Gur, PhD student, TAU “Single Image Depth Estimation Trained via Depth from Defocus Cues”.

8. Tomer Peleg, Samsung, “IM-Net for High Resolution Video Frame Interpolation”.

9. Eran Goldman and Roei Herzig, BIU and TAU PhD students, Trax, “Precise Detection in Densely Packed Scenes“.

10. Yizhak (Itzik) Ben-Shabat, PhD Student, Technion, “Nesti-Net: Normal Estimation for Unstructured 3D Point Clouds using Convolutional Neural Networks“.

11.  Ira Shevelev, TAU, “Co-occurrence Neural Network”.

12. Yossi Gandelsman, Assaf Shocher and  Michal Irani, Weizmann Institute of Science, “Double-DIP”: Unsupervised Image Decomposition via Coupled Deep-Image-Priors.

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