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Digital Israel Conference 2018 • The Innovation’s Nation

November 20, 2018

Entrepreneurs? Scientists and medicine? Educators?
workers of the state? Economists? City planners?

This conference is for you!

The Digital Israel Conference 2018 project at the Ministry of Social Equality invites you and you to participate in an international conference and to be exposed to the digital revolution in Israel, in the presence of Minister of Social Equality MK Gila Gamliel.

Professional Workshops
Let’s learn how to make digital transformation.

During the years of the “Israel Digital” National Initiative, a great deal of knowledge has been accumulated on innovative methodologies for digital transformation. The conference is an opportunity to impart knowledge, methodologies and practical tools to the partners of the project.

The government provides thousands of services to the public, a considerable portion of which are already digital today and some not at all. How do you plan office processes more efficiently? How can we ensure that our digital products do meet user needs? How do we make sure we do not forget behind populations that use the Internet less? And how will the use of data help make decisions in the design of our service / product strategy?

Image result for ‫המיזם הלאומי "ישראל דיגיטלית"‬‎

The Digital Israel Bureau, a national project of the Ministry for Social Equality, is a government initiative intended to harness and leverage the opportunity inherent in the digital revolution and the advancement of information and communication technologies to accelerate economic growth, reduce socio-economic gaps, and transform the government into a smart, fast, citizen-friendly global leader in the digital field.

The project focuses on health, economics, education, welfare, smart cities and more. Its responsibilities include, inter alia: accompanying and implementing digital projects in the various government ministries, while assisting in the formulation of their ministry-wide digital programs and fostering cooperation between them; forming partnerships with the business sector in Israel and abroad; and leading a regular cross-sector dialogue among government ministries and the business and third sectors.

The Digital Israel project promotes a concept that leverages the digital potential for the advancement of all citizens of the country – socially, economically and educationally – along with narrowing the gaps between populations and geographical regions, and providing equal opportunities. All this while creating a reality that enables social cohesion and a diverse society on the one hand, and empowering the individual on the other.

The forum of the world’s leading digital governments (D9) is an international network dedicated to promoting and deepening digital policies on a national level. This includes improving digital government services, sharing workflow and education methods from success stories, collaborating in cross-border projects, and supporting and motivating the growing digital economies of forum members.

The forum was established in 2014 with the mutual aim of harnessing the global power of digital technology to assist its member nations to expand, improve and optimize the digital services available in their countries quickly, through sharing information and mutual inspiration.

The forum is symbolized by the letter “D” (for “digital”) and the number of member states, which is continuing to grow. Every member agrees to contribute its knowledge, experience and expertise on a non-bonding and completely voluntary basis.

In joining the forum, member states agree to promote the forum’s objectives in accordance with the following principles:

  • User-oriented services
  • Open standards and open code
  • Open markets” – purchasing policies that encourage competition
  • Open governance
  • Connectivity – advanced internet infrastructure
  • Promotion of programming skills in the education system
  • Digital literacy
  • Commitment to sharing information

The forum also serves as a wide platform for sharing best practices and offering collaboration opportunities in promoting projects, in order to improve the digital services of all its member states.

Today, the forum includes: the five founding countries of England, Estonia, Israel, New Zealand and South Korea; Canada and Uruguay, who joined in February 2018; and, as of November 2018, two new member countries – Mexico and Portugal.

Image result for ‫קמפוס - המיזם הלאומי ללמידה דיגיטלית‬‎

Campus – the national initiative for digital learning, – is the flagship project of the Ministry for Social Equality’s Digital Israel initiative in the field of education and scholarship. The project was established to make knowledge, education and professional training accessible to all citizens of Israel, in the periphery and the center, in order to help narrow gaps and increase equality of opportunity.

For the first time in Israel, citizens can enjoy a free, innovative and personalized learning experience, at the time, place and pace that is convenient for them. The project operates in partnership with the Council for Higher Education, the Ministry of Education, and other government ministries, with a wide variety of quality courses developed by Israel’s leading universities and colleges, government ministries, the IDF, and other organizations.

The unique edX open source platform, developed by Harvard and MIT, enables life-long development and advancement for broad segments of society – high school and college students, teachers, civil servants, job seekers, senior citizens, and anyone interested in expanding their horizons.

Sample Campus courses:

  • Professional Advancement and Equality of Opportunity
    Psychometric Exam Prep Course, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Introduction to Computer Science, Professional English, Excel, Powerpoint, C++, Negotiation, Teacher Training, Python Programming, Systems Engineering, and more.
  • Enrichment and Expanding Horizons
    Introduction to Psychology, Major Ideas in Physics, Philosophy of Education, Introduction to Chemistry, Modern Israeli History, Israeli Architecture, New Media in Teaching, Developmental Psychology, Plant Understanding, Archeology of Israel, Economic Growth and Distributive Justice, and more.
  • Academic Courses for Credit
    Dozens of introductory and advanced academic courses, in cooperation with the Council for Higher Education, recognized for academic credit by the leading institutions in Israel, subject to an exam at the institution.


When? 20/11/18
Where? Pavilion 2, Expo Tel Aviv (Ganei Hata’arucha)
Rokach Blvd 101, Tel Aviv 6121002.

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gov.il’s facebook page

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Exhibition of Entrepreneurs


November 20, 2018
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