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One week of hands-on tech workshops in Brussels

Workshop Summit is a new non-profit community event happening in Brussels. The format is simple: 1-day workshops on different trendy technologies by experts in the field and active members of the community.

Confirmed topics include: Golang, Continuous Delivery, React, VueJS, Angular & RxJS, Tensorflow.JS and ML, Azure, Software Architecture, UX Mobile, SVG Animation, Openshift, Ionic, Quarkus, GraphQL, and .NET Core.

Stay up to date with the latest technologies and the new trends in a relaxed atmosphere and surrounded by like-minded professionals!


Workshop Summit: Advanced React With Kitze
Workshop Summit: Advanced RxJS in Angular
Workshop Summit: Intro to Golang
Workshop Summit: Implementing Secure Azure Networks
Workshop Summit: Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js
Workshop Summit: Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration
Workshop Summit: Ionic - from Zero to App
Workshop Summit: Architectures for Enterprise Applications

Workshop Summit: Intro to Quarkus
Workshop Summit: Serverless workloads on Kubernetes
Workshop Summit: Introduction to GraphQL
Workshop Summit: Getting started with SVG animation
Workshop Summit: Building modern applications with .NET Core 3.0
Workshop Summit: Composition API: Vue & Apollo
Workshop Summit: Mobile UX/UI

When? 02-06/03/20
Where? Brussels, Belgium.

REG>> Workshop Summit 2020 – REGISTRATION
Workshop Summit’s twitter page
IEEE’s facebook page
IEEE’s twitter page
Hackages’s twitter page
Hackages’s facebook page


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