Avraham David Sherwood is an exceptional figure in the world of design. His professional name is Sherry.

Sherwood volunteered to serve in the Givati ​​unit on the IDF, but he did not know that what would happen towards the end would change his plans from one end to the other. Sherwood was seriously wounded during an operational activity on the Philadelphi route on May 12th, 2004.

At the army

After many years of rehabilitation and recovery from the injury, Sherwood found his destiny as a graphic designer with a unique world view and sought a place where he could not only make a living but to fulfill himself through activities that would affect society and the environment.

He also devotes himself to projects of unity and unification among parts of Israeli society with the unique idea of the project that has become his true work and he is convinced that the time has come to unite.

The inspiration got Sherwood from the man who changed the face of the world and made it a better place for us, no doubt, the designer number №1, co-founder of Apple, NeXT and Pixar — Steve Jobs.

At the hospital

Sherwood’s life divides into two, before and after the injury in the army.

Before Sherwood’s injury, he was a shy, sensitive fellow who loved to learn alone in an autodidactic way. Already in high school, Sherwood helped his family and friends prepare for the matriculation exams in mathematics and physics at the level of 5 units through a training manual he had prepared himself.

Mathematics matriculation preparation booklet
Preparation booklet for physics matriculation exam in mechanics of solids

Sherwood loved the world of science at early in his life when he wrote a book about his three favorite science giants: Archimedes, Newton and Galileo, but he was not marketing this book because he was interested in keeping him by private, but just after his injury he soon discovered what he really managed to touch — the world of design and architecture. He relates, “After a long time I was looking for a school to register for academics studies and during which I was accepted to one of the best colleges in Israel, Tiltan College of Design & Multimedia at Haifa. I admit that I started my studies with hesitant steps.”

After the injury, Sherwood volunteered for several years in a number of social organizations, which eventually led to the establishment of the Optimist project.

Letter of recommendation to receive a Shield of Appreciation
Appreciation Shield for Volunteer Activity

What did you discover during your studies?
“The beginning was not easy, but from a mission to the mission, I opened my appetite and discovered an amazing world. I was always looking for an interesting few projects and I loved to create and innovate, and I also understood the advantages that architecture and design give us, through which we can communicate with different populations and bridge social gaps.

For example, to create contact with new immigrants who do not speak the language or to help people with disabilities who, because of their disability, are in side circles, to integrate into the community and to feel that they belong, they deserve it and want to feel like everyone else and rightly.

I also understood that design helps to create a common language. From his point of view Sherwood brings the example from the first foreign encounter he had when he went to learn and work together in the IAAD College of Turin at Italy (IAAD — Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design), on behalf of the Tiltan College of Design & Multimedia at Israel. The mission was to find solutions in the metropolis, using only means of symbols (and a little-bit help from English), Sherwood managed to talk to Nissan’s chief designer, Prof. Masato Inoue, who spoke Japanese as a mother tongue and a little English, without knowing a single word in Japanese, it was funny and exciting and we felt close as if we had known each other for years.

And then you decided to establish your studio design?
“When I meet with a client, we conduct a deep conversation, to find out exactly what he wants and to accurately map his business goals. The main task in such a conversation is to remove everything that is not connected and reach the most basic level of the product or service and then empower it.”

In the middle of the third year of my studies I decided to open a design studio and I did it in parallel to my final project, VE’AHAVTA PROJECT which has become the work of my lifetime true project, and of course that I finished all the works and the academic assignments.


During the final project, Sherwood helped with assignments for all his classmates so that to every one of them would have a final project that stand proudly.

Certificate of Appreciation for helping community

During my years in this field, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience, I’ve identified problems that my clients have encountered, I have gathered important insights out of it, and that recently I translated and assembled them into a comprehensive service that is divided into several sub-services that I offer to my clients under one roof.


What is the power of design in your eyes?
“One of the great forces of design is, among other things, in explanationin, public relations and information accessibility, for example, a business owner whose work includes graphs loaded with boring data and poor presentations and without unique and innovative design, customers may get bored and transactions can fail. Good design allows the customer to feel curious and want to make the deal”, He said.

What is your credo?
“If a client really wants something that I see as not in his favor, it is my professional duty to explain to him the implications of his choice, but the decision Everyone else can enjoy a good quality design, which does not necessarily have to be expensive, especially in today’s age, which production costs could be reduced”.

What excites you at work?
“The most exciting thing for me is to succeed in taking someone’s idea or dream and to make it a reality and so it was with a couple who wanted to create a unique concept store for flowers and after hard work the business opens and now manages to make a living for its owner.”

In Sherwood’s view, design also has the power to connect different populations and cultures, to bridge them and create a better reality through cooperation and integration.

“I have the privilege of being a co-founder of a unique social-business venture called Optimist from its inception to the present, a business branding and marketing enterprise that employs people and disabilities of all kinds, with all the employees being a very professional.

“The business activity there is no different from any other activity in the market, but this group has the added social value that distinguishes it from other places.

Design — a language that speaks to everyone
The design is of course not just the beautiful and colorful graphics you see in your ad or business card. The design includes everything from design and market research, branding, making a sales ad and more.”

And of course, there is the language and geography of the place,” explains Sherwood. “If an ad in the secular sector can put a picture of a glamorous bride in order to advertise an event hall — in an ad that appeals to an ultra-Orthodox audience, I will put an entirely different image to emphasize the idea of ​​a traditional Jewish wedding. His success is my success without a doubt.”

“Every final decision on the job is of course the client, but I put my professional opinions, even when the client really wants something specific and if I think he is going to lose his will, I have to enlighten him.”

Not only design — a sophisticated information system
“As far as I’m concerned, design is a whole world and has a significant role in public relations, so when they asked me to help establish a forum that helps promote Israeli public relations, I immediately responded positively and today I manage the entire digital array of the IDF disabled veteran’s forum.

Design for me is the connection of elements to an entire complex that works best. When a person comes to me, I sit with him in a deep conversation to understand exactly what he wants and what his dream is and if he has no vision, I help him build a vision. Only then can I take all the data, connect all the things and make the product stand out and succeed. To make the sale succeed, for the business to succeed. To create a high business presence, to position the person or business in a high place by emphasizing a certain value that cannot be ignored along the way.”

“In fact, if we need to publish a professional who works in a profession that does not have a lot of visuals, but more boring numbers and graphs, we will build a general picture of his entire business or company with the help of a correct infographics and we will send the customer an eye-catching message that will make him want to call the number in the ad and not throw it in the trash.”

When Steve Jobs brought the first dark device, he made it available to people exactly what they wanted. They asked for everything all in one, and that’s what he gave them. A device where they have all the services they need. This is also design work.

Product design has great power in the way and way of marketing. The role of the designer is to explain everything about the company or product in a way that is WOW and in the most creative, creative and convincing way there is.

“I believe that in order to reach a simple level, everything that has nothing to do with it must be removed, brought to the base of the thing and empowered to bring it higher than an aesthetically clean, professional, conspicuous and different from the competition.

The design looks at an extremely wide spectrum and pulls out the sharpest pencil, Sherwood said.

Beyond design: a marketing toolbox for your business
Three very important questions at the beginning of a work on product design or business: What, Why and How?

As I emphasized, my goal is to know that my client is successful and to know that I did everything in order for the client to succeed, I will build him a marketing toolbox and a proper business envelope, which will include correct branding, interior design for its place, aesthetically appealing ads and of course continuous marketing methods so that its good product, which is also conspicuously conspicuous in design ads, will do its job and sell much better and the customer earns more money and feels that the hard work paid off.

The services offered by Sherwood’s studio include:
In addition to building the business vision and providing a business envelope that includes everything needed for the vision to break out and succeed, you will also find graphic services for brochures, flyers, magazines, books, packaging, rollups, presentations for presentations, interior design for the business and more. Studio services also include graphic and aesthetic editing of architectural drawings for building plans, including Photoshop processing, home-styling services and more.

In addition, after a hard working of development and design Sherwood also created a unique and professional platform which connects between technology and design, between academia and industry and provides a new platform for all the latest news and updates that are taking place in the technological industries. This blog is open to all technology people, that is to developers, designers and data scientists and of course no distinctions between class, socio-economic situation, gender, and nationality.

The new platform provides a variety of relevant articles in the fields of technology from the fields of science and art. The innovative platform offers up-to-date and interesting news, conferences and events around the world, practical and innovative tools, experiments, useful links, social projects and above all a warm home with a warm and loving community.

You are invited to join our community and enjoy!

Welcome Aboard •

Sherwood is also a member of the Brothers For Life organization, where he found real friends who are like brothers, friends who have had similar experiences in the army. Like every week, he goes to the Brothers’ House, the home of the association and the base for all social initiatives and activities. The Brothers’ House is a warm home for Sherwood, a source of inspiration, innovation coping and winning every difficulty and challenge.

Brothers for Life Organization are family
and this is the great proof of success!

For more information please contact us


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