Intellectual Property Rights IPRs

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

By Avraham David Sherwood
The Editor in Chief

TL;DR: Free Tips For Protecting Ideas

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

For companies and members of the technological and general community in Israel>>>

I was recently exposed to unfair revelations bordering on basic immorality, when quite a few charlatans are trying to copy good and quality ideas and just change them, i.e. steal!

It is important to emphasize that this is a steal of everything, but unfortunately Israeli law does not apply to abstract ideas as does not apply to mathematical theories and concepts. However, there are still some things that can be done that can help you prove the truth and achieve justice in the trial, regarding the truth and seriousness of your intentions, despite the subtle legal nuances.

Success is a difficult path that involves years of studying whether in educational institutions or in a self-taught way, exams, endeavors, failures, falls, erections and a lot of sweat and hard work in the realization of any venture in the entrepreneurial world. There will be no forgiveness for stealing, copying and/or changing ideas and I, personally, see this as a violation of the freedom of creativity including any form of expression which includes physical, electronic, mechanical, digital and/or artistic. The social attitude towards such person acting for such motives should be a thief for everything.

The Copyright Law (2007) – explicitly states that “Copyright shall not apply to the idea used in the work but to the manner in which the idea is expressed in the work created.” This means that any idea that is not expressed in the field is not inherently protected under copyright unless the expression of the idea is protected under the law.

In such a small country as ours, there are loads of entrepreneurs looking to make combinations and shortcuts and it is inconceivable that a person who has studied and researched and spent all his fortune and energy for decades to reach the stage of development may suddenly find that someone implemented his idea who was working on and sweated so hard. It makes no sense and it is absurd that, beyond the despicable behavior, it is a moral crime that cannot exist in a normal society and it is similar to copying in the middle of an examination. This is an opinion theft and should not be relieved head.

In the digital age this is done behind the scenes through code, but there are still some things that can be done without spending a dime out of pocket and defending the not yet ripe idea for a finished product (even before we started expressing it through various technological means), long before rushing to register a registered design for the product’s design visibility or a patent on commercial realization of an invention, both costs are high and not all can afford, probably in the early stages.

Especially if you are convinced that your idea is high-quality and capable of changing the world, I have compiled a number of free recommendations for you to protect the ideas you formulate and the recommendations below:

1) Go back to the classics, keep the past close and return to the paper. Do not send anything via E-mail and if you still have to send for various reasons, make sure to include in the subject line and the body of the message itself the words “most confidential” as well as the date. This is how you can prove priority through email. This pair of words proves the seriousness of your intention that the document should not be transferred to any third party. Anyone who has used it not by your consent is already a problem, not yours.

2) It is recommended to encrypt documents containing sensitive information and this can be easily done through the Office and Adobe tools and by the very encryption you prove intent on protection.

3) Beyond the little letter © who everyone knows, you can add bookmarks (comments) that only you understand and that are directly related to your personal life. In this way, you will link the product development process to you and you will be able to prove in a copyright court and ownership of the idea and how it is expressed in de-facto reality.

5) If you have already created a system, add some extra users under your management. In this way, you can overcome the attacks of network hackers and make sure that the main user is not an admin or its like.

6) The NDA document can also be bypassed and idea thieves will do anything to capture good ideas, so don’t share it with anyone but your key people (and your trusted people, such as VC, investors, etc.) and not even family members because they might share it with your competitors, and it will be very difficult for you to prove that it is yours.

7) If you are ordering work from a software house be sure to make arrangements and in addition, make sure that the software house does not appear as a partner in development, but only performs the actual work and in exchange for the wages you pay. Never pay for everything in advance, as you do not pay for an apartment in advance, but set milestones and pay according to the progress of the development and make sure that the source code parts are in your possession after the work is completed.

8) Intuition is unscientific, it may mislead you, but it can give a general direction for attention and investigation. Use it only as an assistant, but don’t become paranoid.

The definition of creativity explicitly states 2 conditions for the existence of a creative idea:
1) The idea must be original so any idea that mimics another idea is not creative.
2) The idea should serve another particular community is undependent.

We are in the second decade of the 21st century and at the beginning of 2020 and I dream, expect and hope that beyond the pursuit of financial and unethical pursuits, people will have the moral, moral and professional integrity to commit to one of the most fundamental values ​​of the Ten Commandments and theories Moses: “Don’t Steal!”

The Legal Information Access Clinic for Startups>>>

For Halachic Extension on the subject>>>
Rabbi Michael Abraham is a unique figure who maintains a rational approach that strives for the study of truth. Many turn to him to find out difficulties in matters of faith, meaning, values ​​and morals and this site was established in his blessing to benefit in these matters.

// All of the above is aimed at both women and men, with no discrimination and/or preference on the grounds of race, color, gender, religion, political and/or political outlook, national and/or original and/or social origin. In addition, information presented as legal advice should not be considered and should not be relied upon as such. All information is investigated, verified and relevant to these days, but it may change at any time without notice or in retrospect and there is no legal liability for damages including any form, manner and/or manner. The post was written with good intentions for the well-being of the community and with the aim of creating a social change that is required by reality when it comes to opinion theft. //

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