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At the beginning of October 2015 to the present day

By Avraham David Sherwood

The Spacecraft Beresheet

Served with love as a service to the scientific and technological community

Beresheet (In the beginning; Genesis), it is the smallest and cheapest satellite spacecraft that is expected to land on the moon, and may turn the State of Israel into the fourth country that has done so to this day.

Where is the funding for the project?
According to the competition rules, there is a restriction on government funding to the participating companies, and therefore the project was financed to a small extent by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Prime Minister’s Office in a total sum of not more than a few million shekels. Thus, the center of gravity of the funding was the businessman, billionaire and philanthropist Morris Kahn- Who donated about $ 40 million from his own pocket, together with the Miriam and Sheldon Adelson Family Foundation, and with the assistance of the project’s main partner, Israel Aircraft Industries, for a total of $ 100 million, and the project was also donated by businessmen and other philanthropists.

Who is the project’s executing contractor?
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), with the cooperation of SpaceIL and its construction period, lasted about 4 years with the help of a team of brilliant engineers who had no professional experience and had never worked in the space industry before.

What is special about the project?
This is the new space vision NASA and ESA are pushing for cheap, privately owned and fast missions, which are closely monitoring the Israeli project and may order more satellites like Genesis in the near future.

How long will it take for Beresheet (Genesis) to reach the moon?
For the reason that there was not enough budget to buy a launcher that could send the satellite to the shortest direct orbit of the Moon would initially pass about 6.5 million km instead of about 390,000 kilometers until it reached the moon’s gravity and then began to slow down for landing On the moon.

What is the purpose of the spacecraft?
In addition to the traditional Salafi photograph with the State flag, the satellite will record data for the purpose of carrying out a study of the electromagnetic radiation in the Moon using precision laser measurements from the Earth at the Weizmann Institute of Science to the Moon.

Schedule of Beresheet (Genesis)

The satellite will be launched within an Indonesian communications satellite due to budget constraints and the missile will take off from the same place where a missile that exploded at the beginning of 2006 exploded and destroyed the Amos 6 communications satellite.

The satellite is expected to reach the area where the moon orbits Earth, but due to budgetary constraints it was not possible to install radars as NASA installs on its satellites, so the spacecraft can not be tracked from such distance. IAI is trying to measure the time it takes for the signals to return to Earth and thus guess where the spacecraft is.

About two months after the launch day, a complex maneuver will be launched at the beginning, which is supposed to draw it into the moon’s gravity, so that it will approach it. The opportunity to make the maneuver will be one and only if it does not succeed there will be a second chance if something goes wrong, but it will be an opportunity with less success chances.
The People of Israel – Pray for the success of Genesis!

After about a week of lunar orbits, the spacecraft will move closer until it reaches the point where it can land on the moon. Before landing, at about 5 m altitude the engine will be shut down and will land directly on the moon. To illustrate, according to the gravity of the moon, the landing of the spacecraft before the ground is more or less equal to a person’s descent from about 80 cm above Earth. The landing of the spacecraft will be completely autonomous, but the concern is that dust found on the surface of the moon may interfere with landing or that the spaceship’s feet will not open at the correct angle and may land on a rock and be damaged.

One of the nicest things in the space industry is that organizations like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and SpaceX are doing is to bring back in safely way the launched missiles to Earth, both from resource saving and from the ecological aspect of minimizing damage to Earth. In this way, they can reuse them, reduce production and operating costs, and make it accessible to more companies interested in reaching the cost-effective opportunity.

Recently, an autonomous ship ( was launched in the ocean near the launch time to catch the launcher launcher whose only cost is worth several million dollars. The canopy protects the satellites during launch from resistance created in the air and can destroy them and on the way back to earth Earth opens a parachute on which the robotic vessel is calibrated in order to catch it effectively. Until today, there has been no success in catching the canopy by means of the network, except for a number of experiments in which the canopy was missed by a few meters.

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