A praiseworthy article for my cousin Avihu’s project. Israeli pride!

Meet Avihu, the guy who dedicates his life to the rescue of wild animals. Instead of a living room and a guest room – Avihu turned his home into a sanctuary for wounded animals from all over Israel.

Parrots, turtles, possums, hedgehogs – all get treatment and a safe place to call home while they heal. 
Watch Avihu’s incredible journey to help every creature he can.

One-time donation>> bit.ly/2OTbIKe
Monthly Donation>> bit.ly/2S8F7lV

Bank transfer>>
Bank number: Mizrachi-Tefachot Bank (20)
Bank branch number: 420
Bank account number: 614527, named for Avihu Sherwood – “For The Wildlife”

BIT app or PEPER PAY>> mobile 054-5203-071

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