Exercise JC18 Israel-USA

We are always strong together | Exercise Juniper Cobra 2018

On Thursday, the security forces began major preparations, including a military presence throughout the country and preliminary exercises, ahead of the start of the largest exercise this year between the IDF and the European Command of the US Army – the Juniper Cobra 2018 exercise.

In February, security forces began major preparations for a military presence throughout the country for the start of the largest exercise to be held this year between the IDF and the US Army’s Joint Command European (USEUCOM) and NATO Supreme Allied Command Europe General Curtis Scaparrotti, Exercise Juniper Cobra 2018. The preparations included the absorption of American forces by land, Air and sea, and preparations for the locations of the various vessels.

Through the exercise, cooperation between the US and Israel will be strengthened, the procedures and mutual learning between the two armies will be sharpened, and of course the ability to defend against high-trajectory fire threats will be improved.

The Juniper Cobra exercise has been taking place in Israel since 2001 and is being held this year for the ninth time. This is the largest joint exercise conducted by the IDF and the European Command in the US Army.

The exercise will involve more than 2,500 US Army soldiers stationed in Europe and about 2,000 soldiers from the air force’s air defenses, logistics units, medical units and other units in the IDF.

The purpose of the exercise is to simulate a scenario in which American forces will arrive in Israel and work alongside the air defense system in the task of protecting the country’s air borders. The forces will deal with scenarios of missile threats in various sectors and will push them with simulations of advanced systems such as Arrow, Iron Dome, Patriot and the David Sling system, which became operational in April 2017.

“The Juniper Cobra 2018 exercise improves the readiness of the IDF and the Air Force to combat and cope with the high trajectory threat,” said Brigadier General Tzvika Haimovitz, Commander of the Air Defense Division. “The exercise demonstrates the close and strategic cooperation between the IDF and the US Army. Over the next few weeks, we will be practicing challenging and complex scenarios adapted to operational reality. “

“The United States and Israel enjoy a long and powerful military cooperation based on trust built through decades of cooperation,” said Israel’s Combined Mission Commander, General Richard M. Clarke. “The Juniper Cobra exercise provides us with an opportunity to continue to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, to enhance our joint capacity and to continue to create joint professional cooperation with the Israeli partner.”


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