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The Renaissance Hotel, located near the Las Vegas Convention Center, has special staff, Robots of the Savioke company, which have been working for several months to help deliver items to guests during peak hours. The robots called Elvis and Priscilla take orders from the reception desk, call the rooms, boarding the elevators without help, and finally call the guests’ phone when they arrive in the room. They navigate independently, based on a pre-built map, so there’s no problem if they lose Wi-Fi or the LTE signal.

Robots have the added ability of touring a hotel to look for areas with low Wi-Fi quality and report directly to IT that will help resolve one of the most common complaints of guests. Robots can also identify waste or food scraps and report that cleaning teams will be sent to the site. Robots also have an additional function and is the ability to walk around with guests in the lobby to tell jokes and provide treats and help create a good atmosphere and interesting entertainment for guests.

There are currently about 70 robots in several hotels around the world that Savioke distributes through the business model robot as a service. Savioke will begin beta testing functionality later until the official launch will take place during the year. Hotels will be able to choose which new features they want to get and how the robots will integrate with their hotel systems.

Crew members say the robots help them relieve stress during peak hours. Guests love the robots and take photos with them and upload photos to their Instagram. There were no problems with the shipments because everyone got what they ordered much faster than usual, about 3.5 minutes from the reception desk. There is even a charming and moving story about a mother who gave a hug to a robot who helped her find her girl’s toothbrush.

Savioke company manufactures autonomous robots for the service industry. The company is a leader in developing and deploying business partners for robots operating in human environments to improve people’s lives. The company’s flagship product, Relay, is a simple and sophisticated delivery robot, built in the form of a flower vase and is able to increase productivity, revenue and enjoyment for people in a variety of markets, industries and applications.

The Robot Operating System was implemented with open source software.

Google Ventures (GV) provides venture capital funding to bold new companies in the fields of life science, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, cyber security and agriculture. GV’s companies aim to improve the lives of people and change industries.


Credits: Global News Futurism Savioke Business Traveller UK TechCrunch GV

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