The design creates the future

Design changes reality
At the end of November, Sailing Yacht A, the world’s largest sailing mega-yacht, that belonging to billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, arrived to anchor at the port of Haifa for a few days.

Dozens of interested citizens came to watch the strength of the mega yacht that designed by the French designer Philippe Starck and later on her journey off the shores to Tel Aviv and south, she received a lot of visits and photos by citizens from the beaches and the promenade.

There is no doubt that this attraction will be remembered as someone who succeeded as having aroused the curiosity of the people and fulfill the wishes of the owners of the ship in the task of stretching the boundaries of engineering in order to challenge the status quo that exists in the sailing industry.

This is a great example of how a person with a dream succeeds in implementing a visionary project that the shipyards have ever been involved in and implemented in practice, at the reality.

You can follow its cruise route at this link:

The glory of creation, when perfect meets genius.


Credits: Philipe Starck Philippe Stark Starck Yaniv Schwartz Lior Patel Tomer Peled קול הרצליה – לוקאל הרצליה Sailor – סיילור – מועדון יאכטות ובית ספר לשייט Moran Ben David Eyal Berger ימית סחר Yamit Oz Gertner Outsider Jonathan J. Jacobovitz ארז ישכרוב Daniel Kutz Avi Fresco Raanan Madam sailing team Kaushinsky Hanan Dana Haberman חזי דיין and dozens of photographers and editors.

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