Mega Yacht comes to Haifa

The “Sailing Yacht A” arrives at Haifa Port
This is the largest sailing yacht in the world, which arrived on Friday morning for a few days anchoring at the Haifa port. The mega-yacht was connected to the platform adjacent to the port’s terminal, not before the western platform designated for mega yachts were placed special pans in order to separate it from the platform and protect it from harm.

This giant yacht, was 144 meters long (35 meters taller than the world’s second largest yacht), belongs to 44-year-old billionaire Andrei Melnichenko, whose personal fortune is estimated at more than 13.4$ billion and has invested some £360 million in a yacht that looks like he was taken from his films of James Bond.

Apart from three masts at a height of about 100 meters each and a private helipad, the mega-yacht includes 8 steel decks and is called “Sailing Yacht A”. It was planned and designed by French designer Philippe Starck and built for five years until it is completed in Kiel, northern Germany, for nearly $450 million. The agent of the Mega Yacht in Israel is Mano Maritime.

“The yacht was born out of the owners desire to stretch the boundaries of engineering and to challenge the status quo in the cruise industry,” said Novikerov CEO Holger Kahl in an interview with the Superyachts website.

The yacht is able to sail only with sails and consists of three massive carbon fiber masts, each rising to about 100 meters each. The masts are the highest in the world made from carbon fibers and are able to circulate in order to make the best use of wind energy.

In addition, the sailors are not required to climb the masts as the sails are opened at the click of a button in the central control system located on the yacht bridge. The main mast is so large that it has a living room inside.

When the vessel is not powered by wind, it can use two 3,600-kilowatts of diesel engines and two 4,300-kilowatts of electric motors, which allow to sail at nearly 40 km / h with a cruise range of 5,320 nautical miles.

The Sailing Yacht A consists of eight floors with many elevators. It is also equipped with a helipad, an underwater observation booth, a submarine, a swimming pool and a parking space for four cars. The yacht can accommodate up to 20 people and must be operated by a team of 54 people.

Eshel Armoni, Chairman of the Haifa Port Company, said: “This is the third mega yacht that has been visiting the Haifa port in recent months. We see increasing demand for the Western pier for mega yachts, and indeed, as part of the municipal sea front program, which includes the continued operation of passenger ships and tourists, was considered to fit a designated platform for mega yachts. This is certainly a unique platform in the eastern Mediterranean, which is also located right next to the city and protected from any sea situation.”


Credits: Port of Haifa Port of Haifa Starck Philippe Starck Philippe Starck

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