Ready for Blue Flag Exercise

The “Blue Flag” is on its way
A thousand air crews from Europe, the United States and Israel will participate in the largest international air exercise ever held in Israel.

On Sunday (05/11/17) at the Uvda base in the south of the country, a large-scale international air exercise, the largest ever held in Israel, will be held for 11 days.

The exercise is called “BLUE FLAG” and is of supreme strategic importance and has great influence on the air force, the IDF and the State of Israel.

This year, a record number of participating countries will participate in the exercise, including Greece, Poland, France, Italy, the United States, India and Germany. Participating countries will arrive in Israel in their aircraft and will practice various scenarios and descriptions, thus leading to a unique cooperation that enables international training in a quality field, mutual enrichment, flight techniques, investigation and strengthening of diplomatic cooperation between the two countries.

About a year ago, the planning of the exercise was initiated in full coordination with the relevant parties. The Air Force reduced the air space of the exercise and the training hours, in order not to harm civilian flights to Eilat. The exercise will involve more than 1,000 air crews, technical staff and administrative staff from all foreign air forces.

A fact base serves as the basis for deployments of the Israeli Air Force. The base was fully prepared for both the technical and administrative aspects and was prepared for the absorption of all the countries and air force squadrons. Within the framework of the exercise, a large number of aircraft will be seen throughout the country.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office stated that the exercise was planned in advance as part of the annual training drill and was coordinated with the relevant bodies in cooperation with the Airports Authority, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Transport and the Municipality of Eilat.

In addition, this week, for the first time in twenty years, the commander of the British Air Force, General Sir Stephen Hillier, visited Israel. Commander of the British Air Force, toured the air force bases and experienced a Simulator training exercise at the Center for Mission Training. This visit marks an increase in the volume and level of cooperation between the Israeli Air Force and the British Air Force.


Credits: צה”ל – צבא ההגנה לישראל חיל האוויר Ronen Manelis דובר צה”ל רונן מנליס United States Air Force British Royal Air Force

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