Flowering of the Negev

Beer Sheva is the future city of the State of Israel
“In the Negev we will examine the ability of Israel’s science and research and our scientists and research to focus on new fields of research that the northern peoples did not need.
Jewish youth – his pioneering ability, his courage and his creative and occupying initiative… for the great and rare opportunity in the history of the entire nation – to renew the work of Genesis and to become addicted to creative works that require the transfusion of the highest and most wonderful qualities hidden in the soul of every person, The fate of the people and the land and the great glory of life that glitters for generations.
In the Negev, the people of Israel will be tested – that only through the united effort of a volunteer nation and a planning and implementing state will we be able to carry out the great task of spreading the desert and its settlement. This effort will determine the fate of the State of Israel and the status of our people in the history of the human race! “

In recent years, Be’er Sheva has become a high-tech center for leading engineers and entrepreneurs. Every day, hundreds of workers make their way to the high-tech park through the bridge connecting Beer Sheva North Railway Station and the park. The bridge has recently won first place in the Footbridge Awards for Architecture and Pedestrian Bridges in Berlin, Germany. This competition is considered one of the most prestigious platforms in the world.

According to the judges, the Be’er Sheva Bridge was chosen in the first place because of its unique design, which was “thorough, meticulous, well-resolved and arousing the imagination … to bridge a clear structural plan with a rhythm that creates a place where pedestrians feel protected.”

It is impossible to ignore the beauty and architectural power of the bridge. It was inaugurated in January 2016 and is a landmark in the city’s landscape. The bridge extends over 210 meters and stands proudly above the active and future platforms and tracks. The bridge weighs about 750 tons and is built from 200 different types of steel beams that make up the unique geometry of the bridge, which is four steel arches that bend and twist and form two wide lenses in the form of “eyes”.

Arches create a protected area for pedestrians, where each step reveals a surprising look of shapes and materials. The bridge hangs above the platforms and railway tracks. It is made of steel and is covered with all its length in shading and protection against rain. Its walls are partially sealed with perforated tin plates, allowing airflow and eye contact with the environment.

The bridge connects the city from the train station to the hi-tech park, which operates adjacent to Ben-Gurion University and brings together the industrial, academic and business activities in the area. In the next few years, no fewer than 20 additional buildings are expected to be built in the park, including the national cyber headquarters, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced. A few dozen meters to the north, the IDF’s Tikshuv Junction will be established as part of the IDF’s transition to the Negev and will coordinate the headquarters of the IT Corps. According to the plans, the city of Beersheba will enjoy a rare cross-sectional combination that is almost non-existent in the world. In the north of the city there will be continuity between the university and the hi-tech park, The world’s leading technology companies, the IDF’s ICT and intelligence bodies and the national cyber headquarters. The combination of the three different sectors, the army, academia and industry will make Beersheba the capital of global innovation.

The bridge project is the result of the creation and planning of the pair of architects Gidi and Tal Bar Orian, in cooperation with the Rokach-Ashkenazi Engineers Ministry. The upgrading of the railway to Be’er Sheva should significantly shorten the travel time from Tel Aviv to Be’er Sheva and increase the already high passenger traffic. The new bridge is expected to serve thousands of workers in the large high-tech park located in a perfect strategic location in the northeast of the Negev capital, Gav-Yam Negev Park, and this is actually the leading research and development center in Israel with high-tech and office space totaling 200,000 square meters. This is a new practical expression of the fulfillment of the vision of the first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, and bears the fruits of cooperation between leading academic, R&D, technology, business and industry entities in Israel and around the world.


Bar Orian Architects Rokah&Ashkenazi- רוקח אשכנזי מהנדסים יועצים בע”מ


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