Making history at Ramon Airport

“…when the G-d returned Zion, we were like the dreamers” (Tehilim)
The Timna International Airport, named after Ilan and Asaf Ramon, will serve as an international airport and will replace Eilat and Ovda airports until the first quarter of 2018. The new port is supposed to be the second largest airport in Israel after Ben-Gurion Airport, And to serve Ben-Gurion airport as an airport. Its architecture is larger and more modern than other airports in the vicinity, including Aqaba, Taba and Sinai.

The cost of building the field is estimated at NIS 1.7 billion and will be financed by external sources as well as by the Israel Airports Authority, based on the sale of the land on which the Eilat airport is located.

The winner of the tender was a partnership of the architects Amir Mann-Ami Shinar Architects and Moshe Tzur Architects. As part of the development plans, it was decided to design the field according to a green concept, and therefore it was decided to train a “solar field” of about 80 dunams where solar photovoltaic cells will be installed to provide energy for the operation of the terminal. In addition, it was decided to make double insulation windows, to establish a “biological pond” for decorative purposes in the heart of the terminal as a kind of patio, and the development of the environmental landscape will be based on local desert vegetation that does not require much irrigation.

The Arkia Ambrier plane landed Tuesday at the Timna International Airport in the name of Ilan and Assaf Ramon as part of a large-scale aviation emergency. This is the first landing of a civilian plane in the field.


Credits: MANN-SHINAR Architects & Planners ארקיע רשות שדות התעופה- דובר חֲדָשׁוֹת תְּעוּפָה – Aviation News הללו – הקרן לקידום ישראל בעולם The Hallelu Foundation

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