Launch of the silver baltic giant

The Silver Giant touching the water | Baltic 175 Pink Gin VI**It is the world’s largest sail-boat built from carbon fiber, length 175 feet (about 54). It was built and transferred from Bosund to Jakobstad (in the Baltic shipyard of the company in Finland) to launch it and put it into the water.

The boat embarked on an unusual journey on the roads and is safely transported over a distance of 21 km by an expert in heavy cargo haulage from the shipyard site at Bosund to the Baltic shipyard in Jakobstad to launch it out of the water of finland.

The boat consists of 160 tons of carbon (carbon fiber), and its transfer process has been challenging for the local road system. The speed of the journey was about 10 km/hour on average, during which time it was permitted to temporarily remove obstacles and road signs in order to expand the road in order to transport the cargo and negotiate with transit trains in order to reach the destination. She arrived safely.

The architecture was executed by Judel / Vrolijk & Co and interior design and styling by Unlimited.


Credits: Judel / Vrolijk & Co Design Unlimited Baltic Yachts

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