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A deal was signed for the purchase of stealth planes – the plane “Adir”

The Defense Ministry procurement delegation in the United States completed the purchase of 17 additional F-35s from the US government’s JSF program at the end of last week, completing the acquisition of two entire squadrons (50 aircraft) for the Israeli Air Force. This is the first time that the price of the plane has dropped for the first time to less than $100 million.

In total, the Ministry of Defense purchased 50 F-35 F-35s, the most advanced and advanced A-5 aircraft, with five aircraft landing so far in Israel, and 2021 Israeli aircraft will be supplied to the Israeli Air Force from the previous two deals. Also known as the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), the aircraft is manufactured in three models: the A model for regular takeoff and landing, the B model for short takeoff and vertical landing, and the C model for aircraft-controlled action All 50 aircraft purchased by the Ministry of Defense for the Israeli Air Force are A, Unique capabilities and advanced Israeli weapons.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “In the past few days we have completed the purchase of another 17 F-35s, the” Adir, “which will be transferred to the Air Force. “We are making sure Israel is strong, I am working on it for this will be even stronger with the purchase of these planes, and this is part of our effort to secure the future of Israel.” Whoever attacks us – will be attacked, who threatens us with annihilation – puts himself at risk of being shot. We make sure Israel is strong, I’m worried it will be even stronger, with the purchase of these planes. This is part of our effort to secure the future of Israel”.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman: “The completion of the deal to purchase 17 additional F-35s is a significant and strategic addition to the air force, and the two pilots of the Adir will be the technological peak, and will help the IDF and the Air Force deal with the many security challenges facing the State of Israel , And will be a central element in protecting the security of Israeli citizens along the borders and even away from them. The signing of the transaction is further evidence of the depth of the relationship and security relations between our great friend the United States and the State of Israel”.

The head of the Defense Ministry delegation in the United States, Dubi Lavi: “This is the third giant deal for the purchase of Adir planes that the Ministry of Defense has signed in the past decade. In every series of planes that left the production line, the American manufacturer promised to lower the price of the plane. We are pleased to announce that in this transaction, the American Project Administration succeeded in successfully negotiating with the Company and lowering the average price of each aircraft to less than $ 100 million. This is a significant reduction compared to the planes purchased by the State of Israel so far. “

This is the opportunity to recall the first exposure of the Israeli Air Force’s F35 aircraft to the Lockheed Martin factory in Texas. Watch the exciting moments!


Credits: Israel Ministry of Defense Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin לוקהיד מרטין ישראל

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