“The dream airplane Ashdod”

The mayor of Ashdod, Dr. Yechiel Lasri, received a telephone call from El Al that the company decided to call the new dream airplane “Dreamliner” named “Ashdod” as a tribute to the city that marks the 60th anniversary of her birth. The new airplane “Dreamliner”, Of boeing sample 787, will replace the old Boeing 767 and will be the first of a fleet of 16 modern aircraft.

The festive ceremony for the launching of the new airplane “Ashdod” took place on July 23 at Ben-Gurion Airport, attended by government representatives, EL AL management and Ashdod Mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasry. On August 23 at Ben-Gurion Airport, will be launched the new airplane, the “Dreamliner” at Ben-Gurion Airport and will make its first landing at the Israeli airport. This is the first aircraft to replace the old El Al airplanes and will bring an upgrade to the Israeli aircraft system, providing passengers with a flight experience from the dreams.

The next aircraft to be operational will be the Boeing 900 series, followed by smaller aircraft from the 800 series, and the city of Ashdod is honored to be the first city to be named after him.

Boeing, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, presents the new airplane, the “Dreamliner” with the luxury of American luxury by offering a comfortable and luxurious flight experience, thanks to innovative technologies that are integrated in all parts of the plane and to shorten flight time.

Watch the construction of the new dream airplane the “Dremliner” of El AL that called “Ashdod”.


Credits: אל עלEL AL אל על אשדוד נט ד”ר יחיאל לסרי

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