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Leadership and Security | Why do great leaders inspire confidence?
Who is a great leader? And what is the secret of his influence?
In the video below, you can watch Simon Sinek, a management theorist, who explains who is a great leader.

Leadership is a quality that exists in a person who inspires a sense of confidence in his people. He is a person who trusts his employees, creating the circle of confidence that people seek. A great leader has the most profound insight and developed emotional capacity, to identify complex situations and to work best. This feeling is called love.

Simon investigated the subject and concluded that great leaders are simply better people, for example the reason the army chooses them. These people, who are the best, commit themselves to act with dedication towards the idea of service. They are willing to sacrifice personal things for others, and even themselves, they are ready to jump into the fire for their soldiers, they are willing to fight for the benefit of their workers. They call it devotion and it is a superior leadership trait.

Unlike the army, which has ranks and a clear hierarchy, leadership has no rank, but rather a choice. In the business world, for example, there are managers of companies that are at very senior levels, but they are certainly not leaders. They have powers and their employees are obliged to obey them, since they have authority over them, but beyond working hours none of the employees will follow them in any way. On the other hand, there are people who are at the bottom of the pyramid who have no authority, but they are born leaders, because they choose to care for the person next to them, on their right and on their left.

In order to illustrate this, we can understand this from the military world, when all the fighters sit down to eat, the officer always food last because is want make sure that all his fighters ate and sat and were ready to fight. Sometimes happens that the officer has no food, for all sorts of reasons, but how when everyone goes out there will always be one of the fighters who will share his food with the officer so that he will have something to eat. This is part of what is called the brotherhood of warriors and this is the quality of leadership.

The same goes for the skipper, who performs the tests and makes sure that he is fit to sail so that everything will be normal and there will be no surprises at sea. On the day of the voyage, the skipper rises last and in the event of abandonment he leaves the last boat. Why does he do that? For the reason that he is walking in the head and has responsibility for the people he is responsible for.

Such people are called leaders, because they march in the lead, because these are the people who take the risk for everyone and are willing to give up and sacrifice their own food for their officer. They will always choose to sacrifice themselves so that their fighters, their workers, their people, will benefit and prosper, and in such a way the natural reaction is that their people will sacrifice back for them. They will do everything to see their leader’s vision come true in practice.

This feeling is a deep emotional feeling of trust and cooperation. But unlike great managers, for whom there are sets of instructions and not feelings, for the leaders this works opposite, because it is a pure emotion and refined.

And when asked the question: why do you invest and give so much from yourself to this person?
The answer would be that he would do the same for me.

This is an organization that everyone would like to work in.


Credits: TEDx TED-Ed

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