Ceremony of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel

The day of the Declaration of Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel

Today, 69 years ago, the ceremony of the Declaration of Independence and its announcement of the establishment of the State of Israel took place. The ceremony took place on Friday, May 14, 1948, at the Dizengoff House on 16 Rothschild Blvd. in Tel Aviv, which took place about eight hours before the end of the British Mandate in the declaration of David Ben-Gurion on the establishment of the State of Israel and its signing of the Declaration of Independence. The State of Israel annually celebrates Independence Day on this date.

Since the date of the end of the Mandate was on Friday night (15/05, the 6th of Iyar), and in order to avoid the desecration of the Sabbath as much as possible, it was decided to precede the ceremony for Friday afternoon (May 14/05, the 5th of Iyar).

The Declaration of Independence was read by Ben-Gurion from ordinary pages of paper, since at the ceremony the Declaration of Independence had not yet been written on the parchment. After consultation with a number of scientists and researchers, a number of names were proposed and Ben-Gurion chose the name Israel, which was accepted by most members of the Council Provisional Government.

Chairman of the Council Ben-Gurion, read the text of the Declaration of Independence, which is the constitutive document of the State of Israel The Declaration of Independence created the character of the Jewish state, which gathers all the Jews from the Diaspora and treats all its inhabitants equally.

At the end of the declaration of the scroll, it was signed by the 25 members of the People’s Council, when Ben-Gurion was the first to sign the scroll, and immediately thereafter was appointed prime minister and defense minister in the provisional government of the new state. The ceremony was recorded in full by Nathan Axelrod and broadcast live by Kol Yisrael. The ceremony aroused great excitement and joy among the Jewish residents of Palestine.

After the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a number of first decisions of the Provisional Government were read, including the annulment of the laws of the White Paper and the restrictions on Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Ben-Gurion finished the ceremony with the following sentence: “The State of Israel was established, this meeting is over.” That same night, the United States recognized the new state, when Harry Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, recognized it de facto for about ten minutes after the announcement. Three days later, the Soviet Union also recognized it de jure, followed by other countries.

The declaration of independence created a new phase in the war. Indeed, on the morning of May 15, the Egyptian air force bombed Tel Aviv. The armies of the five Arab countries invaded Israel, and the second stage of the War of Independence began.


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