Lenia – Mathematical Life Forms

Lenia (from Latin lenis, “smooth”) is a cellular automaton, like Conway’s Game of Life, but with continuous states and continuous space-time. It supports an unexpected (bio)diversity of persistent life forms, each possesses idiosyncratic anatomy and physiology, and exhibits a wide range of behaviors. More than 300 species have been identified, many discovered using human-based evolutionary algorithm.




Lenia is a 2D cellular automata with continuous space, time and states. It produces a huge variety of interesting life forms.

There are various versions available. Python, Matlab and web (JavaScript) versions are real-time, interactive, and equipped with statistics tools. Jupyter and R versions are non-interactive and just for demonstration purposes.

Animation short


Python Version

Fastest version, minimalist layout. Now with GPU support! (Needs Python3 and various libraries)

screen cap screen cap screen cap

Matlab Version

Fast version, great tools for statistical analysis. (Needs purchased copy of Matlab)

screen cap

JavaScript Version

The original program, slow but with most features.

screen cap 1screen cap 2screen cap 3

3D rendering using plot.ly

orbium       gyrorbium

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